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November 2013


Happy, happy, happy on the beach

Coastal living is good for your health. That's great news for residents in the Coastal Bend area around Corpus Christi. The rest of you can reap the benefits by planning your next vacation here. This terrific revelation comes from a…


8 steps to a healthy relaxation vacation

A beach vacation doesn't have to mean sunburn, heartburn or hangover. Your sunny days in the sand can translate into a healthy, happy vacation that will leave you rested and recharged. Here are eight ways to do it: 1. Sleep…


6 ways to beat the rays

What you need to know before going to beach: 1. Does SPF Block UVA rays? Sun Protection Factor (SPF) measures the ability of a sunscreen to block sunburn-inducing UVB rays. It does NOT refer to UVA rays, which can cause…


4 tips for beginning barefoot runners

 Running barefoot on the beach can be good for you — if you're careful.[/caption] 1. Take shorter runs Participating in the barefoot running movement can lead to TOFP: top of foot pain. That's when you do more than your feet…


4 pros, 3 cons to running in the sand

There's something you need to know before you start running on the sand: With or without shoes, it ain't so easy! One orthopedic doctor likened it to running with weights on your ankles. The good news is, you get a better…