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November 2015


Salon Divine finds success on the Southside

Customer service and keeping up with the latest trends in hair treatments and styling are as much responsible for an uptick in business as a recent move to the Southside of Corpus Christi, said Salon Divine co-owner Luis Anthony Serrato….

Jared Fields

7 steps for sensational shots

A minute of preparation is worth a lifetime of regrets when it comes to organizing the wedding photographs. To help stave of the stress of the typical wedding picture chaos, the editors asked several professional photographers what they wish they…

JoAnna Kopp

Make the music sing at your wedding

Before your guests get down with the rock 'n’ roll DJ, country band, folk singers or jazz quartet at the reception, you have to come up with the tender tunes for the ceremony and first dance. Here are six quick…

Connie Swinney

7 suggestions for seaside bouquets

The beachside bride can find a variety of bouquet options for an island wedding motif. From classic flowers to tropical blooms, planners can complement a tranquil wedding getaway with the ocean air and relaxing waves as a backdrop. The best…

Connie Swinney

9 steps to the perfect dress

A bride-to-be faces many challenges on her way to the altar. Finding the right wedding dress might be the most stressful decision she will have to make. To help simplify the process, here are nine top tips on choosing the…