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May 2017

JoAnna Kopp

Pop-A-Lock has the key to success

Phone, keys, wallet — everything you should have in hand before going anywhere. Sometimes, though, we slip up and get locked out of our cars, homes or boats. In this situation, Pop-A-Lock Corpus Christi has the key to solving your…

Jane Gregorio

Mattress by Appointment customers rest easy

Rather than have a large storefront open seven days a week, Mattress by Appointment Corpus Christi follows a business model that results in customer savings on mattresses of 50-80 percent over other stores.  “Doing business by appointment, my customers receive…

Beach Activities, Suzanne Freeman

Windsurf the coastline

The three components needed for this water sport are balance, wind sense and steering. For beginners, experts urge lining up a few lessons before letting loose on your own. Wind boards and instructions are available to rent on many of…