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June 2017

Jane Gregorio

The Cattery needs you right ‘meow’

Tucked away amidst the farmland and quiet green pastures near the southern part of Weber Road and Crosstown Expressway intersection lies a safe haven for cats and a dream come true for cat lovers. Since The Cattery was founded in…

Jane Gregorio

Roofs by Kevin on the top of its game

RBK delivers an A+ service, according to the BBB, and that’s not just alphabet soup. Roofs by Kevin consistently ranks high with the Better Business Bureau and its customers, said owner and founder, Jose Parra, whose bottom-line philosophy is that…

Suzanne Freeman

Advertising goes mobile at Texas Publishing

Digital advertising has gone mobile at Texas Publishing Co. in Corpus Christi. Advertisers can now place their messages in the palms of their consumers’ hands with strategically located advertising in high-interest articles, event notices and news alerts.  “Our website at…