When Jerry Rodriguez got married, the success of his mother’s work on the decorations blossomed into a successful business that offers everything for major events from the venue to the address book. Unique in its one-stop-shopping approach, Alexia’s Weddings and Quinceañeras includes a well-stocked storefront just a short walk away from its 15,000-square-foot venue. 
“It totally beats having to go to a venue, take down all the decorations, put it in the U-haul and drive several hours back to our storefront,” said Rodriguez, who manages the business. “Sometimes, we’d be so tired because an event would end so late.”
The business began in the family home, known for its ever-present displays of his mother’s crafts. Rosa Rodriguez had a small business of her own doing interior design and making corsages.  
“She had a knack for looking at something and being able to put it together,” Rodriguez said. 
It was during his own wedding that his mother’s talent for decor became more widely known. 
“So many people kept asking where I got my wedding decorations,” he said. “I had to keep referring them to my mom because she did everything.” 
Rosa’s home business grew to the point that it was no longer comfortable to live in the house, her son said. They expanded the garage, then moved into Jerry’s garage, too. From there, they opened shop at the Corpus Christi Trade Center, where one booth eventually gave way to six.
“When people started demanding more because the Trade Center was only a weekend thing, we sacrificed some properties and vehicles to afford a down payment on our original storefront on Ayers,” Rodriguez said. 
After 10 years in that location, they bought their current home, where they built a storefront and The Valencia, a Mexican market-style grand hall with chandeliers, ceiling drapes, a stage, a fountain, an outdoor veranda and a grand staircase. 
The entire family went to work including Jerry’s father, Armando, brother Daniel and both of their wives. They comprised the entire staff of Alexia’s Weddings and Quinceañeras for many years.
That changed after booking their first quinceañera at The Valencia.
“Being in this business, we develop a strong bond with the families we service because they prepare for their quinceañera or weddings months or years in advance,” Rodriguez said. “And we have a system where families can make flexible payments towards their event, so during that timespan, we get to know them well and become friends.”
This particular celebrant, Jessica Amber Mendez, become more than a client. She was soon the first non-relation to work for the company. 
“My best friend referred me to Alexia’s, and I got everything I needed for my event here,” Mendez said. 
She bought dresses, tuxedos, her guestbook, a photo album and a Bible at Alexia’s. She had originally planned to have her party at a different location, but Rosa Rodriguez convinced her The Valencia was the place to celebrate.  
“My mom and I were shocked and delighted by how beautiful the decorations turned out,” she said. “I love how everything was so well planned out. I will never forget it.” 
With the positive experience she had from her own quinceañera still fresh on her mind, Mendez strives to provide customers with the same memory-making experience.
“It makes me feel good working here because I know I can help people start their events and help guide them,” Mendez said. “As a first child, my mom didn’t have anyone to guide her when planning my quinceañera, so she didn’t know where to start until Rosa and her family helped. I really love helping Rosa, and I enjoy helping clients select dresses and tuxedos to make it that one day they’ll always remember.”
For Jerry Rodriguez, happy customers are the best rewards. 
“We feel great satisfaction when our clients are delighted with how we’ve coordinated and decorated their event,” he said. “Sometimes, after the celebration is over, they’ll even come up to hug us and thank us for organizing everything.”
Alexia’s Wedding and Quinceañeras is more than a family business; it’s also a legacy that extends across three generations.
“When my parents settled here from Mexico, they had not completed school, but my dad worked for 30 years as a framer building houses,” Rodriguez said. “With the money he saved up, that’s how my mom, Rosa, was able to start her business.”  
The name of the business is all part of the family story, reflecting its beginnings and, possibly, its future as well.
“Because the business started with my own wedding, we named Mom’s store ‘Alexia’s’ after my first-born daughter,” Rodriguez said.
Alexia’s Weddings and Quinceaneras is located on 6110 Ayers St. in Corpus Christi. For more information, call (361) 806-0341.

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