Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end. To Manuel Chavarria Jr.’s clients, Alpha and Omega Siding and Windows means the first and last name in the remodeling business. To Chavarria, it means he, his family, his business and his clients are blessed.   
The name came to him 12 years ago as he was signing the papers to begin his new business. He had been working 20 years for others companies installing siding and windows and decided to branch out on his own. 
“I was going to name it something entirely different then realized I had not prayed about it,” Chavarria said. “When I got to the courthouse to fill out the papers, the name Alpha and Omega came to me, and I’ve been blessed ever since.” 
Alpha and Omega Siding and Windows covers the entire South Texas area from Austin to San Antonio to the border. A native of Corpus Christi, Chavarria also has homes in Mission and Canyon Lake, making it easier to expand his business, something he has taken beyond regional outreach. 
“We can do most of your remodeling, not just siding and windows,” Chavarria said. “We can do your roofing, dry wall, concrete, painting, driveways. We do a lot of upgrades to homes. We make old houses look like new homes again.”
Most of his work is residential, from basic remodeling to bringing a home back to life after a fire or other disaster. He and his crew stay busy keeping South Texas homes at their best, especially those built too quickly with little attention to quality.
“Some go up real fast, and after four or five years, we are called in to do repairs,” Chavarria said. “We take pride in what we do, and we do the job right the first time. We only use good quality products with good warranties.”
Following strict building codes and regulations is an issue in the Corpus Christi area, he noted, because of the harsh climate and threat of strong storms, including hurricanes. 
“Everything we sell has to be to windstorm code and installed to windstorm code,” he said. “I check each product to make sure it’s installed properly. If it’s not done properly, your insurance can cancel your policy or increase your rates.”
Homes deteriorate faster in the Coastal Bend, so quality and regular maintenance are important to retaining a home’s value.
“We live in a corrosive environment with salt air, refinery chemicals in the air and all the humidity.” he said. “All those things affect your home.” 
A call to Alpha and Omega Siding and Windows brings Chavarria or one of his employees to your door to conduct an assessment and provide a quote for the work. Chavarria never knows what a day will bring in the way of new remodeling challenges.
“I love the fact that it’s a different job every day,” he said. “We can help a lot of people with our work. It’s cheaper to keep the old house and fix it up than to start from scratch all over again.”
Running Alpha and Omega takes the whole family. Chavarria’s brother, two of his daughters and his oldest son all work with him. He hopes to someday turn the business over to the younger generation — from Alpha to Omega. 
To find out how Alpha and Omega Siding and Windows can remake your home like new, call Chavarria at (361) 510-6181. Visit his websites at and for more information. 

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